Professional Tips for a Perfectly Tiled Floor

Tiled floors have always been a favorite of all sorts of property owners. This is simply due to the sheer look and the durability of the material. But everything depends on the quality of the final finish. Thus, it’s important that you’re well aware of the subtle yet professional ways of ensuring the quality of your tiled floor.

Ensure the Subfloor Is Perfectly Flat

Although there are flooring solutions such as loose lay flooring that can be used on non-flat floors, they’re just not as good as tiled floors. Since the tiles are flat by nature, it is quite obvious that the subfloor must be complete. This is a challenge that’s a bit hard to achieve unless the concreting is done with great responsibility. Because if you’re planning to use extra adhesives or less adhesives to maintain the horizontal evenness, you’re putting the strength and the durability of the tiles at peril.

Avoid Using Cheap Adhesives

If you’re not planning to tile your floors annually, what’s the point in trying to save a few dollars? In fact, the use of cheap and low-quality adhesives is going to be the reason why your tiles don’t live their full lifespan; there would be several air pockets and improper bonding that subjects the tiles to be brittle than ever.

Know Where and How to Check the Alignment

Tiling is all about alignment. But most tiles lack the drive to truly verify the alignment just because they’re lazy. As the property owner, you should understand that the alignment must be checked on the tile and between the inspection points of the tiles. This little trick is going to save enough repair costs and a hassle that’s just not worth it.

Invest in the Ideal Sealing Material

As surprising as it sounds, most people stop after the grouting stage. Faster discoloration, increased seepage issues following long-term accumulation of moisture, and even loss of the tiles’ characteristic strength are just 3 of the many disadvantages of not sealing the floor. You should remember that the purpose of this step is not to increase the beauty of the floor but to increase the overall performance. This is why there are complete sealings kits that make the process much easier.

However, there’s one rule of thumb; you shouldn’t use a porcelain tile sealer on a different material of tiles but just the porcelain ones. This is due to the materialistic compatibility that cannot be paralleled with another solution. Hence, ensure to read the product specifications clearly so that you know that your purchase can fulfill your need in a suitable way. The most cost-effective way is to shop them online during the pandemic for heavily reduced costs.


Tiling a floor is an art; while artists may know how to do it, knowing what’s going on is going to help everyone involved. Hence, it is extremely crucial that you implement the tips on this list so that your tiled floor would not be a disappointment.

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