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Practical Maintenance Ideas for 4 Wheel Drive

Vehicle maintenance should never be taken lightly. A well-maintained vehicle will not only save you money in the long run but also will help you stay safe during drives. When it comes to trucks, UTEs and 4WDs, maintenance requires additional caution. These vehicles are subjected to higher impact loads than other vehicles and they usually drive on rougher terrains. Moreover, 4WD has more power and they can be quite inefficient if they are not properly maintained.

To clarify further, proper vehicle maintenance – especially the ones related to 4-wheel drives – can be categorized into two different types. First, you will have to focus on performance-based maintenances and second, you can invest in possible modifications that necessarily upgrade your ride. If you want to keep your ride well-maintained without spending a fortune, here are some of the most practical ideas for 4-wheel drive maintenance.

Interior modification

A 4-wheel drive vehicle usually goes on tough terrains and has to endure an immense amount of dust and dirt. While it is comparatively easier to hose it down to clean the exterior of the vehicle, cleaning the interior can be a daunting task. In terms of practical maintenance, you can introduce newer modifications to make things much easier. For instance, adding 4WD seat covers is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. And in addition, you will be able to make the interior of your truck look more awesome too!

Cleaning the gear

An off-road vehicle is usually equipped with many add-ons, such as winches, recovery gear and bars for frontal protection. When you are cleaning your ride, you need to take extra time to focus on these. Most of the time, people do not focus on these gears much simply because they do not use them often. Whether you use these external gears or not, they are constantly subjected to extreme heat, sand and dirt, depending on the terrains. That is why you need to be cautious and clean them following a routine. Proper maintenance will ensure their performance as well as durability.

Rust prevention

All your adventures and off-road drives will give you joy but your truck might suffer from a lot of factors if you are not careful enough. Rust, among many others, is one of the crucial factors that need your attention. Sand, moisture, and surf can easily get stuck between the steel bars and can cause rusting if you are not thorough enough.

For starters, you can spray those areas with WD40 or lanolin before your drives to create a protective layer. However, this is not an ideal way to battle rusting. Instead, consider installing an ERPS – or an Electronic Rust Prevention System – to get perfect protection! These add-ons can be expensive but frankly, they will save you tons of money in the long run.

Driving an off-road vehicle can be fun but if you are not careful with your ride, you will end up wasting a good amount of money on repairs. Make sure to keep your truck well-maintained to avoid these complications!

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