Effective ways to handle sexual harassment in the workplace


We spend most of our time, for a day in our offices and workplaces. It is safer to say that our offices become our second homes and we tend to get very comfortable with our colleagues and our work environment. That is how it exactly should be as well, because only when we are happy and feel safe at our workplaces, will we be able to work efficiently for our employers. Unfortunately in this day and age, many workplaces have become hotspots for sexual harassment cases. Women are the most victimized group when it comes to sexual harassment. So, as employers or employees, everyone share a common responsibility to make the workplace a safe and respected environment for everybody.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment at your workplace it is important to know how to handle such situations. First of all establish your NO firm and well. Do not leave any ambiguity in your responses that may be used later by your predators to justify their actions. So, make your case firm and let your harasser know that you are thoroughly against those advances and you by no way welcome them.

Another important thing to remember is to report immediately. Do not wait a long time to report the incident. If your workplace has a grievance handling committee you can make a written submission of your complaint to the committee. If there is no such committee, you can always inform your supervisor in writing about the situation that you are facing. There are professional investigation companies all over Sydney, who provide investigation services to companies to find out the truths about such harassment cases. It will be helpful to have any such behaviour recorded as evidence, so that you have enough evidence to support your case.

You need to make sure that the company takes proper action regarding the matter. Unfortunately, many companies give into internal politics and more often than not victims of sexual harassment are not provided with justice and the perpetrators go free without having to give any account for their behaviour. And sadly in most cases, such victims have to either leave the workplace or are forcefully dismissed to end the case being dragged on.

So it is important to know that you have a full follow up of the case after you have submitted the written complaint. Make sure that you get a written note of acceptance of the receipt of your letter. Keep yourself informed on the process of the grievance handling. Ask questions from the management as often as you can in order to be assured that the matter will not be swept under the carpet. If you think that your supervisor to whom the complaint was made is actually not doing anything about it, you can always complain to the higher management. It is also important to keep yourself safe during the process. Once the perpetrators realize that you have made a complaint they may try to cause various different kinds of harm to you. So keep yourself safe during the process and be vigilant all the time.

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