Core aspects to consider when changing strata management services

You shouldn’t settle for less in life. When it comes to income-generating fortunes such as strata schemes, you most certainly shouldn’t even think about it. The bottom line is that the sheer demand for strata management has encouraged several to start companies in the recent past.

If you’re starting to feel like your current manager isn’t exactly ambitious, it might be the better decision to switch your management company.

In this read, we’re going to talk about some of the core aspects that you should consider before switching.

The desired management company’s immediate availability

If you did your research right, you’d find out that there were so many strata managers and so few reliable management firms. Although you can always hire individually working managers, hiring representatives from reliable firms increases the accountability, and it also brings in much more benefits. The only problem is that, will they be available? All you need to do is pick up your phone and give one phone call.

The nature of the existing contract

We all know how strata management almost always works on a contract basis. While some managers always try to keep as many strata schemes under their supervision as they can, the better establishment doesn’t need to force you to keep them; they know they’d be chosen.

Hence, before your transition happens to a reliable company like strata united sydney nsw, it’s better to check the existing contract with the current manager. Once you do, you can reach out to all the owners and get their green light for the transition.

The nature of the relationship with the existing manager and the strata owners

You can’t just fire the existing strata manager as you wish. On the flip side, there’s no need to come out unprofessional or shady when your strata management needs are not being met in the best way.

But it’s essential to pay close attention to the nature of the relationship that the existing manager has with your current lot owners. The best way is to pinpoint the crucial factors and be open with the owners in a transparent and professional way.

The sort of gap you’re looking to fulfill

Of course, you want an improvement; but what are the specific aspects? For example, even if the current manager undertook the responsibilities in handling both the meetings and finances, what are the major areas that have not been completed up to the expected standards?

If you were to make a transition without ensuring that the new management company is completely capable of fulfilling a mandatory gap in services, you’re missing a great opportunity. 

The raw experience of the new company

Strata management is never just about the number of types of services that a firm offers, but how experienced they are in providing those services. Hence, be sure to only transition to a company that has more experience than your current manager. In case the years of experience seem close enough, compare the gap of the service types.

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