Benefits of Having an Investment Mentor


“Mentoring is the brain to think, the ear to hear, and the step in the appropriate path-John Crosby.

Mentorship is becoming a bit of a buzz phrase does it *really* offer tangible gains to all stakeholders? If you want a property coach to help you around, do you recognize how to locate them while escaping vendors and fraudsters? And if you’re going to be one, do you know how you’re going to have to do it or how much it can give you?

Why property mentorship is important?

Whether they help complete beginners with the basics of properties while attending university, or help buyers recognize a new field, mentors offer great guidance into the tricks and tips of the business. They’re not really the same thing as coaches, who will often inspire you and keep you more responsible by using open-ended prompts.

Instead, mentors will provide you with information about what they’ve accomplished, what they’re thinking about your proposed project, and give you more direct guidance. You might even conclude that you want all of them, but for now let’s look at the top advantages of having property mentors.

You’re never too old or too smart to use a guide

Don’t assume you wouldn’t need a guide just because you’re a long way from starting off.

In reality, some people would suggest that you could even get far more out of a guide when you have some knowledge than when you’re new to the scene! Some of the greatest and brightest will attribute their advisors with offering them more knowledge into their business. Alan Rickman coached Colin Firth, Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg, and leading real estate experts also mentored one another.

You can learn different techniques

If you’re a very seasoned buyer, no matter how it’s being going in the past, you wouldn’t want to be 5-10 years in the future observing everybody else switch on to new methods, with new profits expanding, while you’re stuck far behind your ancient practices. That’s why you should be trying to get a guide to educate you more about fields where you’re less knowledgeable.

For instance, if you’ve only been a residential buyer so far, why don’t you get guidance from someone from the commercial real estate market?

Or even find a mentor who will help you understand the emerging value of proptech.

Even if you don’t have some major plans to expand to a certain market, or to learn about a new strategy, you could just change your perspective once you’ve heard some expert encouragement.

Limit expensive mistakes

Let’s assume you use an accountant to help you work out your numbers, so you don’t have to think about calculation and taxes. In the same sense, finding a guide can also be a perfect way to limit your uncertainty. If you decide carefully, you’re going to have a collaboration with somebody who’s truthful about the errors they’ve experienced and can tell you what they’ve done when they confront them and what they’re going to do.

These are just some of the benefits you get when using an investment mentor. The key however is to find the right match for you, one that will continue on your path and be a support rather than an obstacle.

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