Acing That Client Meeting as A Property Manager


If you have ever wondered how to be a successful property manager, the answer of course lies with you having numerous and satisfied clients. A property manager that is managing numerous properties means that they are effective in what they do. If you are still starting as a property manager, the most important thing you have to do is get clients not only as they would be the source of your bread and butter, but they could also determine whether you would have a successful career in property management.

Meeting with a prospective client could be nerve wracking but if you would remember the below tips, it would be easier for you to get that contract.

Attend the meeting prepared

Think of the meeting as a job interview (which if you would look at, is one since you want the client to give you the job). When you attend the meeting, you need to be prepared. You need to know the answers to the most frequent questions a prospective client would ask like how many years have you been managing properties and real estate; how many properties are you currently managing at the moment and what you would do for their property to ensure that they would always have tenants.

Make sure that you have the answers and if possible, bring evidence to support your claim. More often than not, prospective clients have already done their research ona potential property manager Brisbane has to offer. Chances are, they also already know about you which is relevant to the below point.

Don’t oversell yourself

You know that feeling you get when you talk to someone and you could say that they are talking nonsense or overtly eager to impress you? Your prospective client could also tell that so you must not oversell yourself. This is why supporting documents are necessary so your prospective customer could see that you are not overselling yourself and your accomplishments as a prospective property manager is true.

If you also have social media accounts or a website where your current and past clients have provided you with their positive reviews, the prospective client your meeting would treat this as word of mouth recommendation since they are the ones who have first-hand experience with your services.

Be flexible

When you meet a new client, there is a possibility that they would request you to lower the price of your services or to give them a little bit of wiggle room, like they would try your services first for a couple of weeks or months before they sign the agreement and hire you for long term. Negotiate and be flexible so you would not lose their business.

One last tip is that you should come and leave the meeting with an open mind. Don’t expect that it would go as smoothly as possible so you would be prepared for any curveballs. Just present your case and show the client how their property would benefit once they hire you as the property manager.

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