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Co-Own a property and live in it!

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Prefer your rent money to go towards an investment, but can't afford to buy your dream place? With CoVESTA's 'invest & rent' option you could invest and live in the property you co-own.

How it works

Choose investment amount 1

Invest with only 5% deposit

Select property 2

Live in a property of your choice with secure long-term tenancy

Purchase units 3

Receive a percentage of the net rental income

Earn rental and capital yields 4

Access potential capital returns

Why choose to Invest and Rent:

Invest with only 5% deposit

Find an investment property you want to live in, then start a rent & invest syndicate.

Purchase at least 1 of the 20 available investment blocks. We’ll help you find other investors to fill your syndicate, or you can share it with friends and family.

Once it’s full, we’ll purchase the property on your behalf and manage the admin.

Live in a property of your choice and receive a percentage of your rent back from the net rental income

As the tenant, you pay market rent to live in your property.

However, you also receive a portion of this back as rental income (provided there are positive returns after expenses). So you essentially pay less rent. You also have the option to move out at any time, in which case we’ll work to find a new tenant.

Access potential capital returns plus get long term rental security

After 5 years, the syndicate votes to keep or sell the property. It will be sold unless CoVESTORS holding at least 15 of the 20 blocks vote to keep it.

If the decision is to sell, you have the option to buy the other blocks. Otherwise we’ll manage the sale.

Once sold, any proceeds after expenses are distributed to the investors.

Rent and invest application form

To apply you’ll need at least 5 years rental history, landlord references and a 5% deposit.
Simply log in with your CoVESTA account to start the invest and rent application process.

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