Top factors to consider when opening/expanding a bar

Being involved in the liquor business is a fountain of wealth when done right. Thus, even if you’re all new, or if you’re looking to expand your bar, it’s definitely a great choice. But there are some fundamental factors that you must consider; the better you understand this list, the better would the result.

Choice of the designers and builders

Designing a venue where a lot of footwork should be allowed for long periods of hours is no child’s play. The clash between the architect and the builders is a very common complication that ruin the steady pace of construction. Thus, it is mindful to hire a firm that serves both designing and construction services. But there is one more aspect that is almost always forgotten. And that is…


Unlessexceptions are stated concisely, the building act of 1993 and building regulations of 2018 requires permits for all sorts of buildingwork, whether it was an all-new building or even extension. A registered building surveyor must be appointed before you apply for a permit. The purpose is to streamline the approval process with maximum credibility and standardization protecting the property owners in the best way.

The most vital aspect here is the number of documents and the exact number of copies needed. The complications of the documentation process itself imposes the dire need for a reliable surveying establishment; that’s a need to be fulfilled in the best way.

Selection of the food and liquor

While the use of liquor must be licensed in particular ways, the quality of the food offered undergo with somewhat similar requirements. Thus, it is always mindful to choose the least problematic food and liquor types without breaching the general appetite of your target audience. This isn’t going to be a hard task if you have enough experience as a pub/bar owner. However, professional consultation is essential if you’re new to the business.

Licensing for occupancy

Unlike in other types of buildings, bars, and pubs, or anywhere that offer liquor in a public setting has an extra piece document regarding the occupancy. Since the rules and regulations are quite strict, obtaining the most accurate and the most standardized maximum patron capacity reports is essential. Simply explained, these reports conclude on the maximum number of customers that your venue can accommodate based on factors such as the physical dimensions, lavatory facilities, the average indoor and outdoor foot traffic, and even the interrelation between the numbers of points of entry and exists. Although it sounds complication, a registeredsurveying firm can untangle it and get the necessary documents for you. Since a new business would be needing a surveyor, it’s always cost effective to employ a firm that offers these services as well.

Opening or expanding a bar is not supposed to be complicated. If it is, it’s because you’ve chosen the wrong method. The entire process will be quite cost efficient and smooth as long as the above-mentioned crucial factors are considered.