How CoVESTA syndicates work

A CoVESTA syndicate can have between 1 to 20 investors

Each investment property is divided into 20 equal blocks

Each block is equal to a 5% ownership share

Ongoing costs are deducted from any rental income

Remaining income is then distributed to CoVESTORS

After 5 years, syndicate members vote to keep or sell

What best describes your property investment style?

Get a helping hand with your first purchase

  • Follow, chat and invest alongside experienced investors.
  • Join a syndicate where someone else has done all the legwork.
  • Leave all the paperwork and ongoing management to us.
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I'm a renter

Live in your own investment

  • Investors have the option to live in their property.
  • Pay market rent, then get your portion back as income.
  • CoVESTA organises standard tenancy agreements, ensuring it’s fair to all investors
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You don’t need a 20% deposit

  • Simply invest what you’ve already saved. All you need is 5% of the purchase price.
  • Your syndicate purchases the property outright.
  • Did you know you can invest using your super? Learn more
  • You don't need savings

Less stress and lower risk

  • You can sell your blocks to other members - conditions apply.
  • Ongoing costs are deducted from any rental income.
  • Remaining income is then distributed to CoVESTORS.
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Keep climbing the property ladder

  • Build a more diversified portfolio by investing in different property types and markets.
  • Buying a single block makes investing in property more affordable.
  • Potential to earn a rental return, without all the admin.
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I'm an owner

Reduce your investment risk

  • Invest as little as 5% of the purchase price.
  • You can sell your blocks to other members - conditions apply.
  • Invest through your super and leave your savings in the bank.
  • See investment opportunities
You don't need savings

Choose your investment, then sit back and relax

  • CoVESTA manages the end-to-end purchase and sale processes for you, including conveyancing, trust establishment and property management.
  • We’ll also manage the property day-to-day, including rental, maintenance and repairs.
  • You’re kept in the loop via monthly investment updates and can chat to one of our consultants at any time.

Diversify your investment portfolio

  • Build your own property investment portfolio.
  • Use real-time industry insights to assess potential property investments, both residential and commercial.
  • Increase your ability to invest in different property types and multiple markets.
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I'm a renter

Less debt, lower risk

  • You only need 5% of the purchase price, increasing your ability to invest in multiple properties.
  • You can sell your blocks to other members - conditions apply.
  • There’s potential to earn a rental return, without any admin.

Manage your investments, minus the admin

  • Find new investment opportunities that match your profile via our customised alerts.
  • Follow, chat and invest alongside other experienced property investors.
  • Decide on your investment, then let CoVESTA takes care of the rest. We manage all purchase, management and sales processes.
  • Set up your profile now
CoVESTA saves you time

Property investment made easy


Get access to real-time insights on available Australian properties from CoreLogic, including rental yields, historical data, suburb trends and more.


Follow, chat and invest alongside a growing number of experienced property investors who use CoVESTA to invest.


We’ll take care of all the paperwork, including syndicate setup, conveyancing and property settlement.


We rent out the property, manage tenants and handle any ongoing admin and maintenance. You’re simply kept in the loop.


If your syndicate votes to sell, we’ll manage the end-to-end sale process and distribute any profits to the investors.


To learn more about how you can become a CoVESTOR and get on the property ladder, see our how it works page.

How CoVESTA Works

Choose investment amount 1

Decide how much money you’d like to invest

Select property 2

Join an existing syndicate, or find a property to start your own

Purchase units 3

Purchase 1 or multiple 5% property blocks

Earn rental and capital yields 4

Generate potential rental income and capital return

Syndicate snapshot

Access available residential and commercial properties in all regions for all budgets.

The minimum investment amount covers one 5% block. It’s all you need to invest.

The lead investor starts the syndicate and decides on the final offer price.

A syndicate can have from 1 to 20 investors.

Each block is equal to a 5% ownership share.

View historical data to get a high-level overview of potential investment growth.

1206 Waymouth Street Adelaide SA 5000
20 blocks avail.
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • Apartment
Past performance is not an indicator of future performance
Capital growth
last 5 years
23rd Dec 2016 16 days Investment closing date
View syndicate
  • Property data including average capital growth and estimated rental yield
  • Market insights, property summaries and suburb snapshots from CoreLogic
  • Easy-to-read market trend reports and evaluations
  • Experienced investors, chat, comment, follow, and discussion functions
  • Like-minded investors who are interested in your syndicate, contactable via private message

Experienced investor know-how is just a click away


By joining CoVESTA, you get access to our network of experienced property investors, as well as other like-minded Australians looking to climb the property ladder. 

Follow their activity, chat and learn from their experience or invest alongside them. Thanks to CoVESTA, you don't have to make a big investment decision on your own.

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